Private Schools — Simple Steps to a Better Reputation

Besides the normal challenges of teaching and preparing children for the future, Private schools now must clear another hurdle: Protecting their online identity. Compared to student safety and the host of pressing concerns educators face daily, reputation may seem like a small matter. But ask anyone whose prospects have been ruined by negative content on the web – no Private school or individual can afford to take their good name for granted.

So, what can a Private school do to shield itself in the information age? The best defense is a good offense, and educators must reclaim control of their reputation from their detractors. They will need an experienced ally to show them how it’s done, and ReputationSimple is the most trusted specialist in the industry. Dozens of other schools and education professionals have benefitted from ReputationSimple’s variety of services, which are tailored to meet your Private school’s needs exactly.

What’s at Stake with Your Independent School Reputation?    

For most educators, there’s rarely a dull moment in any day. When their hands aren’t full handling disciplinary matters, meeting with parents or concentrating on curriculum, teachers and administrators alike are searching for new ways to keep their students engaged.

With so many urgent concerns vying for their attention, it’s no wonder that educators may neglect their own online reputations and that of their schools. After all, they may think, what does it matter if some petty online attack goes unacknowledged, or some anonymous person makes an unjustified claim?

In fact, this poor feedback – fair or not — matters a great deal. When consumers (or in a school’s case, parents) are making decisions, research shows 84 percent will trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. What’s more – about 65 percent of people view online search results as the most reliable source of information about a business or organization.

For a Private school, those consumer decisions can translate into dollars, just as they do for any company. Funding typically is tied closely to enrollment numbers, so turning off searchers with a poor online showing can have drastic consequences. And with the options of charter or private schools available, Private schools must make their cases to prospective families now more than ever before.

What ReputationSimple Can Offer for Private Schools

No Private school should try to navigate the turbulent waters of reputation management alone — not when ReputationSimple can help avoid the problems and pitfalls educators are sure to encounter. Whether your school’s reputation requires a serious overhaul or minor tweaks, ReputationSimple has a service that suits your school perfectly.

  • School Reputation Control

ReputationSimple School Reputation Control is exactly what the name implies — a means of managing the information about your school and its leaders that appears online. For instance, if your school was involved in some controversy or received unwanted media attention, it could be visible on the Internet for years. Even worse, it usually pops up front and center in a Google search — but it doesn’t have to.

School Reputation Control gets the content you want others to see at the forefront of page one. Positive materials about your schools accomplishments and achievements get top billing while less desirable results get pushed out of the priority positions.

Every school needs a brand that they can be proud of, which speaks to its distinct attributes and strengths. ReputationSimple works with a school’s leadership to craft that identity and make it consistent throughout its social media, webpage and other platforms.

The result: Higher enrollment, higher morale and better outcomes overall for your school.

  • School Reputation Control Training

When it comes to their online image, most Private schools — like most individuals — are reactionary if they are managing their reputation at all. An issue arises, and they are obliged to respond. Contrarily, ReputationSimple encourages every client to adopt a proactive approach. There’s no need to wait for someone else to have a say about you or your school before you tell your own story.

To that end, ReputationSimple has developed a revolutionary training program that makes Private schools the masters of their own destiny. With School Reputation Control Training, educators will acquire a toolbox of skills and knowledge — putting them squarely in the driver’s seat.

In less than a week, and for an investment of about $4,600, participants will learn the simple, predictable processes that can keep their reputation pristine. They will devise a content strategy to ensure a steady stream of “good buzz” is superseding any attacks or poor reviews. With solid search engine optimization techniques, directing more traffic to information they want outsiders to see, Private schools never have to wonder or worry what searchers are finding.

School Reputation Control Training also gives participants an understanding of local reviews — as well as how to respond and how to get more positive feedback from existing stakeholders. Over the course of six training modules, instructors will cover everything from the fundamentals of website structure and tools to content posting and scheduling. Some of the process — including tagging and posting — can be automated to save your team time.

Beyond training, ReputationSimple can provide continued assistance to ensure metrics stay where they should be and assurance that Private schools stay on the right track.

  • Review Shield

What school or company couldn’t benefit from more five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and elsewhere?  That’s the purpose of ReputationSimple’s Review Shield. The service solicits a greater amount of good feedback from supporters — who rarely provide it without being asked. Meanwhile, Private schools are protected from poor ratings and comments until they’ve had a chance to address them.

Leveling the Playing Field

For too long, outsiders have shaped perceptions of Private schools rather than those who know them best. If your Private school needs any help at all refining its reputation, don’t delay in letting ReputationSimple be your guide. Visit to learn more about its offerings, read testimonials from satisfied clients and arrange a free sample training session.

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