Reputation Makeover Service

We have all learned the destructive and long-term impact of online character assassination, negative reviews, negative campaigning and targeted blogging. ReputationSimple has also become a recognized nationwide leader in Online Reputation Management (ORM). Our reputation advisors employ similar proprietary techniques to scan and monitor the Internet to identify existing and potential reputational threats.

ReputationSimple then uses its unique understanding of Internet technologies, Online Brand Defense and search engine optimization in conjunction with crisis management and legal strategies to not only prepare the Internet terrain for coming reputational attacks, but also remove and suppress negative content and replace it with positive content. A business, institution, or person that has spent years building a positive reputation can have it destroyed in seconds. ReputationSimple uses all means at its disposal to prevent that from happening.

How it Works?

While is it possible to see results in four (4) to six (6) weeks in search engines, lasting results will not be able to be expected before three (3) months. At first, you will see results “shuffling” or moving from the first to second or third page. That’s normal in the search engines until more time has passed and the content is accepted fully. More long term results of the project occur within six (6) to seven (7) months. These results are depending on whether or not there is an ongoing attack or static or older results.

Step 1: Reputation Scorecard

It’s an assessment that results grade on a scale of A through F of your online results. This, patent pending, process systematically reviews page one and page two results for your name in search engines. Imagine someone “Google’s” your name or business, we find and evaluate what they will see about you. This reputation scorecard is measured based on six criteria; Positive Results, Professional Information, Negative Results, Other Results (those similar but not associated with you or your business), Negative Attacks and Age of Information. The assessment includes actual links to all of the results and a five step strategy for improvement. The assessment is simply a report and does not include improving your online reputation results.

Step 2: Crafting Your Online Brand

A reputation advisor meets with you to determine your unique positive message. Our team professionally packages your information to convey your business objectives or professional accomplishments to your intended audience. This work requires a combination of search engine optimization strategies as well as tagging and writing skills. Our team of experts work together to not only create intriguing content about you, but, to use the newest processes to make the search engines love it and display it higher. We follow strict terms of service rules provided by search engines. We do all of the heavy lifting for you related to content. Our highly skilled staff of writers will create custom articles, blog posts, pdf’s, video and more. There are no surprises because information is sent to you for approval before it’s posted online on your behalf.

Step 3: Creating Your Digital Footprint

We create or improve professional online assets approved content that will show your true accomplishments and contributions. We update public information that appears on the web. This information about businesses and personal data is used by the search engines to initially populate their databases. If that information is wrong or hasn’t been updated properly, it will become a “result” for your name or business. This information can be requested to be changed or removed which is addressed during the online scorecard review with your reputation advisor.

Step 4: Optimization of Information

By using our patented systems, we connect your online assets together to quickly improve page one results and showcase strengths. Once we have achieved page one control, we maintain the results to ensure your information is updated frequently and is seen as important to the search engines.

Our focus is on suppression of negative results and replacing first page results with positive information. Think of the first page of search engine results as your “real estate”. The reason we focus immediately on just the first page results is that statistics show that 98% of searchers never look beyond the first page of results.

Step 5: Refresh Options

You will be given the opportunity to refresh the information yourself or subscribe to our refresh assistance helpdesk. You will be given instructions on refresh and content creation if you decide to continue the process yourself.

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