How to Develop and Manage School Reputations Online

Learn best practices for school online reputation management and local search engine optimization

Simple and predictable processes that can be executed by school communications professionals

We loved your training and are actively putting our skills to work. 

Ted M.  Chief Innovation Officer

Fast paced and useful information.  I have already recommended your training program to a colleague to help them out too.

Kevin P. Communications Director

Online Reputation Management Training for Schools

Did you know?

According to a recent study, schools with a positive online reputation enjoy a 5-8% higher enrollment rate year over year compared to those schools with a less than favorable page one reputation. In fact, half of consumers 18 to 45 rely on online reviews and news more than referrals from friends or family.  Whether a charter school, private school or public school, this is a must to protect and grow your online reputation.

Would-be students and their parents will conduct an online search of the name and location of your school. Even stakeholders regularly search the school online for routine information. If they find less than flattering critiques or unfavorable news stories, your school is losing enrollment opportunities.

For those schools not actively managing their online image, their future is in the hands of the nameless, faceless reviewers whose complaints aren’t always justified. Even if their gripes are legitimate, the reviews and news stories-and their harmful effects—can linger long after your school has corrected the issue.

Online Reputation management training puts the power over your school’s image back where it belongs – in your hands.

Online Reputation Management Training Objectives:

The purpose of this training is to guide school communication professionals on how to build a brand online by crafting properly structured content and using search engine optimization tactics. The benefit of learning this information is to improve the online brand reputation of the school by properly gaining control and alignment of online page-one results.

  • Page One Text Listings: Listing one through five (5) controlled* and positive content
  • Page One Text Listings: Listing six to 10 controlled and positive content
  • Local Account: Gain control, align & optimize all brand online information and messaging
  • Local Account Reviews: Use existing clients to improve online reviews with a goal of grade of 4-Stars or higher
  • Non-Controlled Listings: Suppress to page two or page three results
  • Content Strategy: Learn to create an online content plan to control the narrative
  • Create Digital Footprint: Profiles and web properties for highest page-page potential
  • Reporting & Automation: Using free software platforms to measure results and auto post content to save time
  • Online Reputation Management Training Manual:  Updates, help desk support and monthly reporting on key metrics

*Controlled is defined as a listing that your team can physically login or is a positive brand results when a user searches the name of the school.


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