Reputation Management Training Charter Schools: A Boon for Charter School Communications Directors

At any given moment, online searchers are forming impressions – about you, your school and whether they should associate with you – and acting on their findings. Researchers estimate that least 64 percent of people rely on search engines when deciding where to spend their money or place trust. As independent entities that rely on public demand, charter schools especially must build a strong online presence if they hope to survive and thrive.

The rapidly evolving field of online reputation management is intimidating – but you can count on ReputationSimple to guide you. Besides being on the cutting edge of this field, ReputationSimple also has developed a training system – School Reputation Control — that empowers charter school administrators and staff to take control of their own image.

Why Is Communications Director for Charter Schools Professional Development Necessary – and Beneficial?

How do you appear online? No longer can any school, business, organization or individual afford to ignore this question. HR managers make hiring decisions, consumers make purchasing decisions and parents make enrollment decisions based on Internet reputation.

Chances are your school has felt the harmful effects of negative feedback online – and you may not even realize it. Perhaps potential enrollees were put off by a poor review, or a prospective employee chose not to apply because she didn’t like what her research turned up.

And even if your charter school has stellar online standing today, it only takes a couple of bad results to lose up to 44 percent of searchers, according to one study. It’s not enough to polish one’s online appearance; actively maintaining it is essential.

Most school administrators and teachers – no matter how talented they are as educators – typically won’t know how to get a higher search engine ranking or counteract negative content. Even if a school is fortunate enough to employ a communications professional, a successful reputation strategy can’t be devised and executed by one person.

With its unique Online Reputation Management Training program, ReputationSimple will show administrators and staff how to create an online appearance they’re proud of – and how to keep it.

Having a great page-one presence is far from magic; it’s accomplished through precise, targeted strategies that ReputationSimple can help anyone master with its proven training. By putting these best practices in place, a school can take its content and ranking to the next level.

What Does Training Entail?

Whether you’re familiar with the basics or starting from scratch, ReputationSimple’s Reputation Management Training for Schools will provide charter schools with the tools to make significant, measurable progress in numerous key areas. The School Reputation Control program breaks down the elements of managing an online reputation into simple, understandable concepts that clients can grasp and employ quickly. Plus, it will touch on processes that any school can automate – saving them time and effort.

  • Module 1 covers the fundamentals. Participants will learn relevant terms and definitions, how search engines operate, how to approach and understand local reviews, what their page-one search results reflect and much more. They will come away with knowledge of preferred search engine website platforms, optimization strategy and ranking algorithms.
  • Module 2 delves into best practices for content and branding, content creation and structure, brand messaging, crafting high-quality content for search engine optimization (SEO) and how to use tags and snippets to get noticed. Other topics include use/selection of keywords and blogging for SEO.
  • Module 3 explores your digital footprint, going over the various types of accounts and profiles, the process for posting content that is tagged for SEO and more. Other subjects this module will address are use of video and power point, doc versus PDF, articles versus press releases, Twitter and blogging.
  • Module 4 will give trainees an overview of website structure, website optimization, meta tags and descriptions, website tools, website optimization and meta best practices, among other subjects.
  • Module 5 discusses content strategy: How best to respond to reviews, engaging with stakeholders, raising site traffic with email marketing and more. This module also introduces ReputationSimple’s Review Shield – a service that helps clients collect more five-star reviews while also protecting them from poor feedback until they’ve had a chance to address it.
  • Module 6 features instruction on subjects like content posting and tagging – as well as how to automate those processes.

What Does Training Cost?

For any charter school, a new expense must fit into the financial picture. For that reason, ReputationSimple has choices to accommodate a variety of budgets. Services start at $4,600, and the range of offerings includes training, setup, first-year licensing and ongoing support.  One popular option is a live, virtual, two-day training for up to three participants. On-site training is an additional $2,000, and subscription and license fees do apply. The first-year licensing fee of $3,600 gives customers unlimited access to the help desk for ongoing support, plus permission to use ReputationSimple’s systems and methods with free updates, a subscription to Review Shield and monthly reporting for up to two projects.

Once trained, participants will have a solid foundation on which to build and improve their reputations. They will know how to create content that shows them in the best light – and how to make it more visible than anonymous attacks. They will see the potential for great reviews in their existing, happy clients. They will know how to coordinate all their online platforms to achieve a cohesive message about their brand.

Most importantly, they will have the skills – and the support — to reclaim their reputations from keyboard commenters. You have not only the right, but the duty, to ensure people looking at you or your school online get the right idea about who you are and what you have to offer.

Charter Schools Communication Director Training and ReputationSimple – A Perfect Fit      

Charter schools are unique entities, with both a private and public component. As such, they need a reputation management strategy that is also different – and tailored to their specific needs and challenges. ReputationSimple already has improved over 1,900 reputations and of satisfied hundreds of customers.

Invest in your future. Contact ReputationSimple today and discover how School Reputation Control can make all the difference for your charter school.


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