Reputation Management 101: An Overview

Before making a purchase large or small, most consumers consult online reviews to find the highest quality product for the best price. If they need a service or product for their home, vehicle or personal care, they’ll almost always compare cost and ratings with an Internet search. What does that mean for individuals, companies or organizations? They must not only know what is being said about them online – but also be an active participant in controlling how they appear in the Internet realm. That process is defined as reputation management.

Promote the Positive

Chances are good if you have an online presence, content is posted somewhere you’d prefer others not to see. For companies, that could be a poor review or other unfavorable material that hurts their brand. While there’s no way to prevent such commentary from cropping up, it is possible to mitigate the damaging impact it might have.

It’s generally not possible to remove others’ negative feedback. However, you can make positive content – whether created by you or others — more prominent. ReputationSimple is the leading specialist in the reputation management field – the trusted choice to make your online appearance the best it can be.

Polish and Perfect Your Image    

With ReputationSimple as your advocate, what people see when they Google you or your business doesn’t have to cause stress or be a weak spot in your marketing plan. Using search engine optimization, ReputationSimple’s trained specialists can craft your message to ensure it appears at the top of Google search results. The negative reviews and comments are driven below page one, where searchers are less likely to see them.

You only get one chance to make a first impression – so make sure those who look you up get the right idea. With the compelling, high-quality content ReputationSimple can create, searchers can get to know you and what you offer on your terms. Have you won accolades or awards in your industry? Is your customer satisfaction higher than your competitors? Those are the kinds of distinctions that potential customers should know up front and can sway them in your favor.

What types of content can ReputationSimple provide? Some of the options are as follows:

Press Releases: Media often are alerted to potential stories with press releases – written news announcements that are sent en masse to papers, TV stations and other outlets. If you have a development in your company or organization that could merit news coverage, a press release is the best way to spread the word.

Articles: Is there an aspect of your operation you want to emphasize on your website or social media? A well-written, informative article about the work you do or service you provide can help take your online presence to the next level.

Blog Posts:  Want to keep interested parties updated on your latest accomplishments and developments? Maintaining a blog, which is updated regularly, is an ideal way to communicate your message. Plus, it keeps your online platforms current and your audience engaged.

The benefit to each type of new content, besides the freshness and relevance they lend your website or social media, is their ability to supersede other material. Remember that one bad review that turned up at the top in a Google search? The more positive content you produce, the further down it pushes those blemishes on your reputation.

Good Reputations Get More Customers

Every day that a would-be customer Googles you and finds less-than-flattering critiques, you’re losing money and opportunities.

For those not actively managing their online image, their future may be in the hands of nameless, faceless reviewers whose complaints aren’t always justified. Even if their gripes are legitimate, the reviews – and their harmful effects — can linger long after you’ve corrected the problem. Reputation management puts the power over your image back where it belongs – in your hands.

One study shows that more than half of consumers ages 18 to 34 rely on online reviews more than word of mouth from friends and family. They also trust them far more than celebrity endorsements or expert recommendations.

On Yelp alone, users post more than 26,000 reviews every minute. Whether a customer has a good or bad experience, they are taking it to the Internet more than ever – and they’re affecting where people do business.

When your good name takes a hit, you don’t have to be helpless. ReputationSimple puts the tools at your disposal to protect your most valuable asset: Your reputation.

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