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Perhaps more than their public and charter counterparts, private schools must maintain a positive image. Parents who choose this option pay a premium to ensure their children get the best education possible, and before making such a large financial commitment, they will do their homework. That includes looking up prospective private schools online to research and read what others have to say. What they find affects a school’s enrollment, budget and much more.

Savvy administrators and educators have turned to ReputationSimple to make their private school’s reputation flawless. Even those factors over which your school has no control – like online attacks and negative feedback – can be managed with ReputationSimple’s extensive cache of tools. Besides commanding the top spot in the reputation management industry, ReputationSimple specializes in serving the education community.

Why do Private Schools Need Reputation Help? 

Much like a city council member or other elected official, school leaders are public figures. Educators – especially administrators — are every bit as accountable to their stakeholders and the public in general. However, unlike those in government, these officials probably don’t have financial resources dedicated to building or protecting their online reputations.

Thankfully, the education field is starting to recognize the value of online image and treat it like the asset it is. One example, starting this year: The Association of California School Administrators have given superintendents, in template contracts, the option to add on ReputationSimple’s reputation management services. This development speaks to the confidence the ASCA has in ReputationSimple, as well a growing awareness of reputation’s role in education.

Here’s the reality: If private schools neglect their online presence, they suffer above and beyond any other type of school. Families will take their hard-earned dollars elsewhere. Schools may not get the funds to sustain popular programs or services, causing even greater hits to enrollment and revenue.

No one is better equipped than your school’s educators to say why the school deserves the best and brightest students and a high level of financial support. If you’re asking people to open their wallets and trust you with their children, you consistently must remind them why they should. That task includes making your voice louder than any detractors.

ReputationSimple to the Rescue

For those not familiar with maintaining an online appearance, ReputationSimple’s School Reputation Management Training is an ideal place to start. During a two-day virtual tutorial, held for up to three participants, educators will get a crash course on all of the concepts that will make their online efforts successful – and how to put them into daily practice.

School Reputation Management Training consists of six modules, progressing from the basics to more advanced skills. Throughout the process, participants will notice the training is designed to be easy to understand and implement. The course puts best practices at the forefront and breaks reputation management down into basic, predictable procedures – which any private school educator can master.

Your private school – like most educational institutions – probably operates at least one website and several social media accounts – including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The aim of School Reputation Management Training is to teach educators how to align all of their Internet activity – creating a brand that is well controlled, cohesive and easily identifiable to prospective students.

A large part of that process involves schools crafting a steady supply of their own content. If students were picked for a prestigious program, or a teacher earned recognition for excellence, those are the kinds of accomplishments a private school should broadcast – and will help send the right message in every online forum. Search engine optimization techniques explained in ReputationSimple’s School Reputation Management Training will ensure such material appears at the top of page one results.

The course also will cover the fundamentals of your school’s digital footprint – the trail left behind by online activity – along with the basics of blogging, press releases, Power Point, video and various accounts/profiles. Other modules will delve into subjects such as website structure, email marketing and content strategy. Automated posting and tagging will be discussed as time-saving strategies to be used as your team gets comfortable with other skills.

A one-time investment of $4,600 cost for reputation management training called School Reputation Control, can give you peace of mind that your school’s good name is protected not just immediately – but well into the future. After training is complete, educators can have access to continuing support, such as help desk assistance, profile reviews for the school or individuals and more.

For a glimpse of what ReputationSimple training can offer, and the many benefits schools can receive, request a free sample session online at

Get the Online Page One Results Your Private School Needs

All private schools, and schools in general, want the same thing when it comes to their online profile: for every Google search to produce results that highlight their best attributes and portray them positively. However, if a school has even a single blemish in its record, that’s likely what searchers will see at the top of page one.

Negative content can take many forms – from news coverage of a minor incident that happened years ago to inappropriate social media commentary by students. Educators may assume that only restaurants or service businesses are effected by poor feedback, but schools are subjected to an even higher level of scrutiny. Families are turning increasingly to sites like to make decisions about their children’s education.

Nearly every school contends with these kinds of problems – but they need not be devastating with the right mitigation strategies in place. ReputationSimple’s techniques can accentuate the positive and suppress the negative.

Private schools used to rely exclusively on word of mouth and printed materials to attract the right attention and hit their targets. Now the entire online realm is open to them, which brings both risk and reward.

With a proactive approach – and with ReputationSimple as a partner – any private school’s reputation can reach its full potential.

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